“I would like to see every woman know how to handle guns as naturally as they know how to handle babies.” Annie Oakley

We often go for walks in nature with the kids. The Missouri dept of conservation confirms coyotes, bobcats, and the rare mountain lion and black bear in our area. Our neighbor has an aggressive dog that sometimes jumps the fence. I appreciate the freedom of the second amendment to protect my children and myself from harm.

Did you know, women are considered more skillful shooters than men? We’re generally more teachable and have better sight coordination.

Ladies, you are free to exercise your rights.  Be empowered, be judicious, and be wise. 💪

#empoweredwomen #peacekeepers

“I would like to see...

Hi!!👋 I’m Jenn and I thought it was finally time for #fridayintroductions (yes, it’s Saturday, that’s my business🙃) 
+ I live in Kansas City with my husband and four kiddos where you’ll hear people say “Ope! Gonna sneak past ya!” and the bbq🍖 is heavenly. People wave at passing cars and say “hi” to strangers at the grocery store. I like it here💕
+ I don’t fall into one specific descriptive category other than Christian, but I think that’s how the redeemed are supposed to feel here on earth; wandering and homeless until Heaven comes🙏
+ We don’t have to agree on anything for me to love you and want the best for you! I’m a bit of a Ron Swanson who has many Leslie Knopes in my life whom I love and would die for💕 If you’re sincere and respectful, you’re welcome here to just be YOU🙌 
+ With that said, I’d really like to get to know you, too. Please introduce yourself here so I can read about you😊

Hi!!👋 I’m Jenn and I...

It’s Christmas Tree day! We got SO much rain last night and it’s a muddy mess😂 (but we took a nice photo a couple days before😉)

It’s Christmas Tree day! We...

And a tappy New Year!😍 #pndhoorah #merrychristmas

And a tappy New Year!😍...

It’s #piedayfriday 🍒🥧 A recent change at our favorite cafe has me on the quest to bake the “perfect” cherry pie. 
Feeling more like the Swedish Chef😂

It’s #piedayfriday 🍒🥧 A recent...

✏️📚📙School Field Trip today with this sweet little boy😍 He usually doesn’t want to smile for photos, but we got a friend to take the picture... positive peer pressure😂 
Thank you, Brynn!!❤️ @brynndee

✏️📚📙School Field Trip today with...

While we were in Cincinnati, I scheduled photos for just the two of us.  Someday, my grandkids are going to want to see photos of us and I want to make sure there’s something to show them🥰
📷 @laurendayphotography

While we were in Cincinnati,...

My husband’s beard is more gray, my smile lines are deeper. Kids have baby teeth missing and “big” teeth coming in. Summer tans are fading, autumns shoes in bigger sizes are bought. Thank you, Gracious Jesus, for the sweetness you sew into every moment. Please don’t let one precious detail of this glorious season slip by unnoticed. 🌻

My husband’s beard is more...

Happy Birthday @jhub43 ❤️ Blessed to have another year with you; It’s a joy and pleasure to follow where you lead. I admire and respect your steadfastness and how you live as a picture of the Gospel for our family. Life with you is sweet!❤️ 📷:Michaela McCage (behind the scenes on my phone) at @katygittophotography #happybirthday

Happy Birthday @jhub43 ❤️ Blessed...

When it’s rainy, you just rolled out of bed, and you’re wearing weird pants you frantically threw in the cart at Costco because you thought “it’ll be fun to bring all the kids along to run errands today.” #momlifebelike #rain #family

When it’s rainy, you just...

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